Month: November 2022

Santelia on the Burgus of Pontius Leontius

Stefania Santelia discusses Sidonius’ description of Pontius Leontius’ Burgus villa: ‘”Est locus …”: Verbindung di realtà, mito ed elogio nella descrizione di Burgus (Sidon. Apoll. carm. 22,101-220a)’, in: Borgna, Alice, and Maurizio Lana, Epistulae a familiaribus. Per Raffaella Tabacco, Alessandria: Edizioni dell’Orso, 2022, 475-88.

Walhgren-Smith Reviews the Companion

Lena Walhgren-Smith (Southampton) published a review of the Companion in Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture 8,2 (2022) 173-84, online here.

‘With the exception of material culture, this rich volume appears to cover almost every aspect of Sidonius’ life and oeuvre that a student of the period might
look for. It not only represents an enormous advance in the understanding of this author, but also suggests ways in which other authors, in this and other periods, might profitably be approached. It will add greatly to the field of Sidonius studies and doubtless stimulate further exploration of the author, his genres, and his time.’

Marolla on Sidonius in Leopardi

Giulia Marolla has written an article about the traces of Sidonius (and Mamertus Claudianus) in Giacomo Leopardi’s early works: ‘Leopardi lettore di Sidonio Apollinare e Mamerto Claudiano’, Bollettino di Studi Latini 52 (2022) 592-600.

Abstract: This paper analyses the quotations of Sidonius Apollinaris and Mamertus Claudianus in the works of Giacomo Leopardi, whose interest for the two late Latin authors can be traced back to the years he spent studying at his father’s library in Recanati (in particular to 1815-1823). As can be inferred from his epistolary exchange with Niebuhr, for Giacomo, Sidonius constitutes a useful source. He is also an author the young Leopardi admires in light of the peculiar details he relates and because of his refined word choice. Together with Mamertus Claudianus, Sidonius is in particular cited as a source on Fronto and on the evolution of Latin in Late Antiquity. Furthermore, the paper suggests to link one entry in Leopardi’s autograph document C.L.XV.31 (Claudianus= 1762) to Mansi’s 1762 edition of Mamertus Claudianus, which was owned by Leopardi, as can be inferred from his Lettera al Giordani sopra il Frontone del Mai.

Ausonius, Sidonius and Piccolomini

Friday 18 November 14:30 – 16:00
University of Basel, Department of Altertumswissenschaften

Presentation ‘Muse – Musse – Musseraum: neueste Forschungen zu Ausonius, Sidonius und Piccolomini’ by Markus Kersten, Christian Guerra and Ann-Kathrin Stähle

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Out Now: Hindermann’s Book 2

Judith Hindermann has published her translation and commentary of Book 2 of the Correspondence: Sidonius Apollinaris’ Letters, Book 2: Text, Translation and Commentary, Edinburgh Studies in Later Latin Literature, Edinburgh: EUP.

There is a 30% launch discount (NEW30) for anyone purchasing.

This book issues from the SA xxi project (Sidonius Apollinaris for the 21st Century) and begins the ESLLL series (Edinburgh Studies in Later Latin Literature), edited by Gavin Kelly and Aaron Pelttari.