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Reception of Apuleius in Fifth-Century Gaul

The University of Bari is hiring a post-doctoral researcher for the project ‘Tradition and reception of Apuleius’ works in fifth-century Gaul’, with particular attention to Sidonius.

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‘During the research period, the postdoctoral fellow will be required to trace an articulate picture of the reception and transmission of Apuleius’ texts in fifth-century Gaul. In particular, the research will concern the mentions of Apuleius and his literary output throughout the corpus of Sidonius Apollinaris. Although there is a consensus that he was read and appreciated by Apollinaris and his learned friends (notably Claudianus Mamertus), it is only through an exegesis of Sidonius’ Carmina and Letters that it will be possible to shed light on the linguistic and stylistic reception of Apuleius in the works of Sidonius and his literary circle of friends.’

Van Waarden and Symmachus’ ‘You and I’

Joop van Waarden has published the second part of his series on ‘You and I’ in epistolary usage: ‘Symmachus and the Metamorphosis of “You and I” in Epistolary Usage’, in: Antonella Bruzzone, Alessandro Fo and Luigi Piacente (eds), Metamorfosi del Classico in età romanobarbarica, Nuova biblioteca di cultura romanobarbarica 2, Florence: Sismel–Galluzzo, 2021, 145-61.

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The first, and central, part of this series is chapter 13 in the Sidonius Companion: ‘“You” and “I” in Sidonius’ Correspondence’ (pp. 418-39). The third part is to follow soon: ‘A Gentleman Weighs His “You” and “I”: Inclusion in the Letters of Faustus, Mamertus Claudianus, Ruricius, Avitus and Ennodius’, in: Veronika Egetenmeyr and Tabea L. Meurer (eds), Gallia docta? Learning and Its Limitations in Late Antique Gaul. Proceedings of the International Conference Greifswald, 17.03.2021 – 20.03.2021, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.