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New: the Albis near Utrecht?

Fragments of forgotten scholarly activity on Sidonius keep coming to light. In a 1935 contribution to Mnemosyne, the Dutch archaeologist A.W. Byvanck critically assesses some results of C.W. Vollgraff’s dig at Utrecht cathedral square. Byvanck specifically takes position in the “Albis” debate pro Loyen (1933) (Albis = river Elbe, a purely literary reminiscence of Claudian) and contra both Macé (1933) (Albis = Albe, a tributary of the Meuse) and Vollgraff who thought of a tributary of the Rhine near Utrecht.

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In Defence of Arvandus

Buongiorno, Pierangelo, ‘Ex vetere senatusconsulto Tiberiano. Nota in margine a Sid. ep. 1.7.12′, in Emmanuelle Chevreau et al. (eds), Liber amicorum. Mélanges en l’honneur de Jean-Pierre Coriat, Paris, 2019, 65-72.
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By ascribing to Tiberius a law that was only promulgated much later by Theodosius, conceding a longer lease of life to people on death row, Sidonius plausibly wanted to lend greater authority to this law in favour of Arvandus.