Author: JvW

Classics Seminars Edinburgh

The Classics Department of Edinburgh University has announced its research seminars for the first half of 2023. For Sidonius and late antique Gaul they include:

Wednesday 8 Feb, 5.10, Teviot Lecture Theatre
Giulia Marolla (Bari) Four Burgundian kings in fifth-century Gaul? The case of Sidonius Ep. 5.7.

Thursday 18 May, 2.10, Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre
Adrastos Omissi (Glasgow) Late Roman Italy, late Roman Gaul: their strategic and geographic relationship

These are hybrid lectures. Please contact Dr Ben Harriman (Benjamin.Harriman [at] for the link; please also contact him if you wish to be added to the seminar mailing list.

Seminar organisers: Ben Harriman, Gavin Kelly

Atlas of Clermont 1st c. BCE – 5th c. CE

A comprehensive topographical atlas of ancient Clermont has come out: Hélène Dartevelle (ed.), Augustonemetum. Atlas topographique de Clermont-Ferrand, 2 vols, Gollion: Infolio, 2022.

Announced by the French Ministère de la Culture: ‘La publication présente la ville antique de Clermont-Ferrand, Augustonemetum, capitale gallo-romaine des Arvernes: son organisation spatiale, sa genèse et son évolution de la fin du Ier av. J.-C. au Ve ap. J.-C.’

In catalogue of publishing house Infolio here