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The First Year of the Companion

In its first year, since March 2020, the Sidonius Companion has even made it to scholars’ kitchen tables (picture with kind permission of Veronika Egetenmeyr).

Edinburgh University Press released two free chapters:’The Manuscript Tradition of Sidonius’ and ‘Sidonius Reception: Late 19th-21st Centuries’ (advertised on Twitter and elsewhere)

They also offer a 40% discount on purchasing the Companion from their website until the end of April 2021 (discount code CLASS40).

Now the Sidonius website comes up with a brand-new The Companion Continued section.

Van Waarden Commentary Selected Letters

Joop van Waarden got a contract with Cambridge University Press for writing a Sidonius Apollinaris: Selected Letters commentary in the Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics series (‘Green and Yellow’), to be ready by September 2024.

The provisional table of contents is:
1.1 Correspondence: structure and style
1.5 Rome: journey, literary landscape
1.7 Rome: Arvandus, treason or adjustment
1.9 Rome: court, panegyric
1.10 Rome: city prefect
2.2 Villa: invitation, Avitacum, architecture, Pliny
2.8 Women: death of Philomathia, epitaph
2.10 Church: building, ekphrasis, poem
3.9 Correspondence: recommendation, Riothamus
3.12 Family: grandfather, epitaph
4.19 Correspondence: shortest letter
4.20 Barbarians: marriage Sigismer
5.5 Barbarians and Roman culture: Syagrius mastering Burgundian
5.16 Family: career prospectives (to his wife)
7.1 War and church: to Mamertus
7.7 War and politics: demise of Clermont
7.17 Asceticism: political powerplay, abbot Abraham, Lérins
7.18 Correspondence: structure
8.1 Correspondence: structure
8.3 Apollonius of Tyana, court, exile
8.15 Correspondence: refusal to write history, promise of hagiography
9.16 Correspondence: structure, poetry