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Raschieri and Banquet

27 March 2023

Amedeo Raschieri writes on ‘Poesia, musica e convivio tra Sidonio Apollinare, Cassiodoro ed Ennodio’, in: Cecilia Nobili and Riccardo Saccenti (eds), Filosofia e convivialità dall’antichità… Read more

Leflaëc and Urlacher-Becht on Creative Appropriation

17 March 2023

Recently published: Alice Leflaëc and Céline Urlacher-Becht, ‘Le détournement du texte biblique dans les épîtres de l’Antiquité tardive (IVe-VIe s.): modalités et limites du jeu’,… Read more

Montone Reviews Giannotti

15 March 2023

Just out: Francesco Montone, ‘Ripercorrendo la “Levigata Pagina” sidoniana. A proposito di Scrinia Arverna di F. Giannotti’, Vichiana 60 (2023) 87-92. First page here. Publisher… Read more

Fascione, Mondin on Horatian Metres

4 March 2023

Sara Fascione contributes ‘Secundum regulas Flacci. Orazio e il ritorno alla metrica nell’epistolario di Sidonio Apollinare’ to Concetta Longobardi (ed.), Horatiana. La ricezione di Orazio… Read more

Oppedisano and the Panegyric of Anthemius

21 February 2023

Fabrizio Oppedisano edited a dossier ‘Poesia, potere e la fine di un impero. Il Panegirico di Antemio’ in Rivista di filologia e di istruzione classica… Read more

Fiorentini on Tyrants

21 February 2023

Marzia Fiorentini (University of St Andrews – Sapienza Università di Roma) passed her viva with the PhD thesis ‘Tyrants in Late Antiquity: A Rhetorical and… Read more

Budd on Lament in the Letters of Sidonius

15 February 2023

Jennifer Budd (Macquarie University) concluded her research master with the thesis ‘Maerendo pauca: Lament in the Letters of Sidonius Apollinaris’, November 2022. Abstract and download… Read more

Kruschwitz on Sidonius’ Epitaph

14 February 2023

Peter Kruschwitz, ‘Notions of Barbarians and Barbarian Lands in the Latin Verse Inscriptions’, Medieval Worlds 16 (2022) 163-94. Pp. 179-81 deal with barbarians in Sidonius’… Read more

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