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Two Conferences: Paulinus, Visuality

1 December 2023

Two immediately upcoming conferences, involving both scholars and subject matter also related to Sidonius, include: – Messina, 4-5 December: ALES PICTA LOQUELLIS – Nuove prospettive… Read more

Trier: The Fall of the Roman Empire

29 November 2023

The catalogue of the 2022 exhibition ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire’ in the Landesmuseum Trier (currently sold out) is reviewed by: – Anna Sitz… Read more

Montone on Sidonius’ Health Lexicon

26 November 2023

Francesco Montone writes on Sidonius’ health lexicon in ‘Alcuni specimina del lessico della salute nell’epistolario sidoniano, e intratestualità’, Vichiana 60 (2023) 71-86. Find a specimen… Read more

Bąk on Aristocratic Upbringing

25 November 2023

Out recently: Aneta Bąk, ‘Cele wychowania rzymskiego arystokraty w V wieku n.e. w świetle listów Sydoniusza Apollinarisa’ [Objectives of the education of a Roman aristocrat… Read more

Stadermann on the Catholic Episcopate

25 November 2023

Christian Stadermann contributed a chapter, called ‘Between Rome and Toulouse: The Catholic Episcopate in the regnum Tolosanum (418–507)’, to the edited volume Leadership, Social Cohesion,… Read more

Montone Reviews Hindermann

21 November 2023

Francesco Montone reviews Judith Hindermann’s commentary of Book 2 of the Correspondence (Sidonius Apollinaris’ Letters, book 2: text, translation and commentary. Edinburgh studies in later… Read more

Cabau on the Epitaph, 21 Nov.

18 November 2023

Patrice Cabau is to speak ‘À propos de deux manuscrits des Œuvres de Sidoine Apollinaire’. Organisation: Société archéologique du Midi de la France Date, time:… Read more

Candidianus, Sidonius and Cesena, 22 Nov.

17 November 2023

Next Wednesday, in the lecture series ‘Undici Giornate particolari nella Storia di Cesena‘, held at Cesena and organized by Franco Spazzoli, it is Sidonius’ turn… Read more

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