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Marolla on the Names of Addressees

30 September 2023

Published online in Mnemosyne: Giulia Marolla, ‘The Names of Sidonius’ Addressees and the Manuscript Tradition of the Letters’. Read more

Williard on the Scale of Communication

28 September 2023

Hope Williard (Utrecht University) wrote ‘Letter Carriers and the Scale of Communication in the Epistolae of Sidonius Apollinaris’ for Kristina Sessa and Kevin Uhalde (eds),… Read more

Santelia Translates Carmina minora

23 September 2023

Another milestone in Sidonius scholarship has been reached: the first complete Italian translation of the Carmina minora by Stefania Santelia, with her text and explanatory… Read more

Furbetta on the Correspondence’s Social Function

22 September 2023

Luciana Furbetta, ‘L’écriture “en réseau”. Réflexions sur la fonction “socio-stylistique” de la correspondance de Sidoine Apollinaire’, Mélanges de l’École française de Rome. Moyen Âge 135… Read more

Omissi on Italy in Latin Panegyric

19 September 2023

Jeroen Wijnendaele has put out the edited volume Late Roman Italy: Imperium to Regnum with Edinburgh’s EUP. Of particular interest to students of Sidonius is… Read more

Meurer and Egetenmeyr: Gallia docta?

12 September 2023

Tabea Meurer and Veronika Egetenmeyr have published a selection of the papers given at the Gallia docta? conference of March 2021 (Greifswald, online): Gallia docta?… Read more

Manuscript IRHT 347 Now Online

12 September 2023

Manuscript Paris IRHT, collection privée 347 (formerly Schøyen Collection 246; Dolveck #53 in the Sidonius Companion, p. 527), is now freely accessible online.   Read more

Horváth on Sidonius in Hungary

11 September 2023

Ágnes Horváth, ‘Sidonius a középkor és a reneszánsz magyar irodalmában’, Antikvitás & Reneszánsz 9 (2022) 69-86, discusses Sidonius’ role in the Hungarian literature of the… Read more

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