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Workshop Late Antique Latin Autobiographies

1 May 2024

Stefania Santelia on ‘Raccontarsi nei carmina: Sidonio e il tempo della ‘tenera giovinezza” is among the speakers of the upcoming workshop on Late Antique Latin… Read more

Van Waarden on a New Allusion to Lucan

30 April 2024

Joop van Waarden comes up with a new allusion to Pompey’s tomb in Lucan, shedding light on the death of Sidonius’ grandfather: ‘The Death and… Read more

Roman Imperial Portraits Database

29 April 2024

New online, RIPD, the Roman Imperial Portraits Database Contents: Sam Heijnen and Olivier Hekster. Technical support: Thijs Hermsen. Funding: Ammodo Science Award (2017) for the… Read more

Antiquité Tardive 2024

19 April 2024

Just out: Antiquité Tardive volume 31 (2024), entirely dedicated to the Western Mediterranean in the Fifth Century. Online here Read more

Vatican Manuscript Added

19 April 2024

Added to the list of digitized manuscripts: D60 Vatican Library, Ott. lat. 2013: contains Epistulae and Panegyrici (late 12th cent.). Read more

Corsi and Morvillez on Hospitality

18 April 2024

Two articles on hospitality have been published: Cristina Corsi, ‘”Strangers on the way”: hospitalité, identité et défis lors des voyages à la fin de l’Antiquité’,… Read more

Baltag Translates Ep. 1.2

17 April 2024

Mihai Baltag made a translation into Romanian with introduction of Sidonius’ Ep. 1.2. It appeared in Iulian-Gabriel Hrușcă, Bogdan Guguianu and Constantin-Ionuț Mihai (eds), Thesaurus… Read more

Impact of Climate Change

2 April 2024

An article on ‘The impact of climate change on the agriculture and the economy of Southern Gaul: New perspectives of agent-based modelling’ by Nicolas Bernigaud… Read more

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