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Kaufmann on Carm. 41 and Autobiography

30 May 2023

Helen Kaufmann, ‘Identity in Latin Verse Autobiography’, in: L. Roig Lanzillotta, J.L. Brandão, C. Teixeira and Á. Rodrigues (eds), Roman Identity: Between Ideal and Performance,… Read more

Ohst Reviews Van Waarden

30 May 2023

Henning Ohst reviews Joop van Waarden’s Mnemosyne article ‘Leafing Through Pliny With Sidonius’ in Forum Classicum 66 (2023) 62-64. Read more

Marolla Commentary Letters 5/1

19 May 2023

Out now, in Edinburgh Studies in Later Latin Literature, Giulia Marolla’s commentary on Sidonius Letters Book 5, Part 1. It covers the first half of… Read more

Further to Sidonius in England

15 May 2023

After Gavin Kelly’s blogpost about traces of Sidonius in the Durham archives, Giulia Marolla follows up on Twitter with further details, here. The elements listed… Read more

Kelly on Sidonius in England

15 May 2023

Gavin Kelly wrote a blogpost on the manuscript transmission of Sidonius in England, following up on a tweet concerning the Durham Bible of William of… Read more

Wolff on Satire

7 May 2023

Étienne Wolff writes on ‘Sidoine Apollinaire et la satire’ in: Da satura a ‘satira’: studi su un genere (non solo) letterario, dossier in Paideia 77… Read more

Ragnahilda’s Cup as a Springboard

2 May 2023

Vincent Debiais begins his article ‘Allusion and elusion: writing on the Cloisters Cross’ on what it materially means to combine writing and image with Ragnahilda’s… Read more

Marolla Identifies Simplicius

30 March 2023

Just out in first view: Giulia Marolla, ‘Who Was Sidonius’ Correspondent Simplicius? An Identification Problem in the Letters’, Classical Quarterly FirstView 30.03.2023. Abstract This article… Read more

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