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The previous version of the Sidonius website,, will shut down on 1 March. The present website is its richer and more versatile successor.

Latest News

The Catalogue of Carm. 9

January 3, 2019

Claudia Schindler writes about the catalogue of poets in Carm. 9 as compared to similar catalogues in Ovid and Manilius: ‘Macht und Übermacht der Tradition.… Read more

Epistles from Cicero to Sidonius

December 22, 2018

In a themed issue on Latin epistolography in honour of Eleanor Leach, Peter White writes on ‘Senatorial Epistolography from Cicero to Sidonius: Emergence of a Genre’,… Read more

Mordax dens

December 22, 2018

Recently published: ‘Il mordax dens di Sidonio Apollinare nel panegirico per Maioriano’, Lexis 36 (2018) 305-15, by Tiziana Brolli. Read more

Noël Duval Has Died

December 14, 2018

The distinguished French archaeologist Noël Duval has died. Born in 1929, he was a professor at Paris-Sorbonne University where he taught Late Antiquity and Byzantine… Read more

Dr Lütjohann, I presume?

December 13, 2018

From now on, “Lütjohann” is the spelling to stick to despite the hugely (but unduly) influential MGH spelling “Luetjohann”. “Lütjohann” was the way this scholar… Read more

Hendrik Hess Doctorate

December 3, 2018

Hendrik Hess has taken his doctorate at the University of Bonn with a thesis about the self-concept of the Gallo-Roman elite. The book is to… Read more

Onorato on the Poem for Lampridius

November 22, 2018

Marco Onorato, ‘Un ospite per Apollo: intertestualità interna e codice ausoniano nella metatoria pagina di Sidonio a Lampridio’, BSL 48 (2018) 492-523. Read on Academia Read more

Doctorate Alison John

November 7, 2018

Alison John has completed her doctorate at the University of Edinburgh (supervisors Gavin Kelly and Lucy Grig) and will graduate this November. Her thesis, Learning… Read more


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Your New Sidonius Site: FAQs

Are the contents of the classic site and this one identical?

For all practical purposes, the information contained in and in this new ‘’ is the same. All information has been screened, and updated or discarded accordingly. The site’s technical functionality, however, has been much improved with an interactive news blog, an events calendar, and the possibility of subscribing to RSS feeds.

Do I still have access to the classic site?

Yes, you have. The classic site,, will remain up and running until 1 March 2019. However, from 3 September 2018 it is not updated anymore.

How do I stay informed about the latest posts?

Simply subscribe to the RSS feed of this website’s posts in your browser or email app.
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