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Latest News

Out Soon: Lo specchio del modello

May 23, 2020

Lo specchio del modello: Orizonti intertestuali e Fortleben di Sidonio Apollinare is in print. Edited by Anita Di Stefano and Marco Onorato, it brings together… Read more

Oppedisano’s Anthemius Panegyric

April 30, 2020

In print: Fabrizio Oppedisano’s edition with translation and commentary of the Panegyric of Anthemius: In lode di Antemio: L’ultimo panegirico di Roma imperiale, Rome: L’Erma… Read more

Fascione on Sidonius and Symmachus

April 25, 2020

In a new article, ʻPrincipi identitari e inclusione del “diverso”: Sidonio lettore di Simmacoʼ, Sara Fascione distinguishes Sidonius’ from Symmachus’ attitude towards the Other. See… Read more

Ian Wood on the Burgundians

April 22, 2020

Ian Wood has written a contribution on ʻSidonius and the Burgundiansʼ in the Festschrift for Javier Arce, Academica libertas, Turnhout, 2020, 365-72. Download the table… Read more

The Sidonius Companion Is Out

April 2, 2020

The Edinburgh Companion to Sidonius Apollinaris and all of its 850 odd pages are out and there for everybody to enjoy. Don’t miss the 30%… Read more

The Muses and Leisure in Sidonius Apollinaris

April 1, 2020

Now out and freely accessible on Project Muse: Journal of Late Antiquity, Volume 13, Number 1, Spring 2020, Special Issue: ‘The Muses and Leisure in… Read more

Fascione, Sidonius, and Symmachus

February 15, 2020

Sara Fascione has published the first article resulting from her research on Symmachus in Sidonius’ letters: ‘Simmaco e la difesa della Romanitas nell’ottavo libro delle… Read more

Sidonius and the Saxons

February 3, 2020

Read James Harland on Sidonius (and Gregory) on the Saxons: Bibliography tab 2019. Read more


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