Here is your new Sidonius website: all your trusted content, but technically future-proof with an interactive newsblog, an events calendar, and an RSS feed that keeps you informed of the latest news. The layout adapts itself to your screen, whether pc, tablet, or smartphone. The website has been entirely checked and overhauled, inside and outside. It should be ready for another decade now.

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The familiar site will remain on air for as long as desirable, but it will not be updated anymore.


How do I stay informed about the latest posts?

Simply subscribe to the RSS feed of this website’s posts in your browser or email app.
In order to do this in your browser, click the RSS symbol in the right- or left-hand upper corner of this page, just above the title bar. You’ll read something like “Subscribe to this feed via”. The feed reader that is indicated (supposing there’s one installed) will be just fine, or alternatively pick your own favourite. To confirm, press “Subscribe now”. Indicate where you want the feeds to appear, and you’re done.
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Are the contents of the classic site and this one identical?

For all practical purposes, the information contained in and in this new ‘’ is the same. All information has been screened, and updated or discarded accordingly. The site’s technical functionality, however, has been much improved with an interactive news blog, an events calendar, and the possibility of subscribing to RSS feeds.

Do I still have access to the classic site?

Yes, you have. The classic site,, will remain up and running as long as is desirable. However, as of 3 September 2018 it is not updated anymore.

Where can I send my feedback?

Any feedback is much appreciated. Drop Joop van Waarden a note in his mailbox.

Latest News

Ausonius in Sidonius

September 20, 2018

Luciana Furbetta and Marisa Squillante have contributed essays on Sidonius to the new volume of conference proceedings Ausone en 2015: Bilan et nouvelles perspectives, edited… Read more

Sidonius the Bishop

September 18, 2018

Madeleine St. Marie (UC Riverside) has begun her PhD thesis on ‘Sidonius Apollinaris the Bishop’, in which she is to investigate power, authority, and episcopal… Read more

A First: A Hungarian Translation

August 30, 2018

Hungary’s most prominent Sidonius scholar, Ágnes Horváth (Szeged), has kindly revised her translations of Letters Books 4 and 7, and of Ep. 9.13, for publication… Read more

Sidonius for Creative Writing

August 30, 2018

A brand-new historical novel on Sidonius is forthcoming. Annabelle Grierson (in arte J A Grierson) has recently got her Creative Writing Master degree at Auckland… Read more

Lo specchio del modello

August 29, 2018

Anita Di Stefano and Marco Onorato are organizing an international Sidonius conference in Messina, 4-5 October. Speakers include Franca Ela Consolino, Jesús Hernández Lobato, Maria… Read more

Beyond the Horned Helmet

August 4, 2018

Camille Bonnan-Garçon (Lyon) writes about Sidonius’ favourable image of Theodoric and about the changing roles of letters and panegyrics for praising monarchs in Interférences 11,… Read more

‘Die Konstruktion des “Anderen”‘

July 31, 2018

Veronika Egetenmeyer has handed in her doctoral dissertation (Kiel): ‘Die Konstruktion des “Anderen”: Barbarenbilder in den Briefen des Sidonius Apollinaris’, to be defended in November. Read more

Transformations of Romanness

July 14, 2018

Edited by Walter Pohl and others, a multi-author volume on Romanness in Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages has come out: Transformations of Romanness:… Read more


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