In Preparation and Forthcoming

Eve-Marie Becker, Ulrike Egelhaaf-Gaiser, Alfons Fürst (eds), Handbuch Brief: Antike, Berlin: De Gruyter, expected June 2022.

Sara Fascione, ‘Il vescovo Clemente e la iustitia temporum in Symm. epist. 1, 64’, VetChr, forthcoming.

Sigrid Mratschek is to make the first German translation of Sidonius’ Poems (provisional title: Sidonius Apollinaris, Panegyrici und carmina, lateinisch – deutsch, Sammlung Tusculum: de Gruyter) with an introduction, notes, a research essay and a selected bibliography.

Antonella Bruzzone on the Gigantomachy in Claudian and Sidonius (in press).

Alison John, ‘Cultural Memory and Classical Education in Late Antique Gaul’, in: R. Bhola and Martine De Marre (eds), Making and Unmaking Ancient Memory, Routledge, forthcoming 2021.

Luciana Furbetta, Les Métamorphoses (et pas seulement) d’Ovide dans les vers et les lettres de Sidoine Apollinaire: quelques sondages’, in: Rémy Poignault and Hélène Vial (ed.), Lectures rhétoriques des poètes augustéens, Clermont-Ferrand, forthcoming.

Filomena Giannotti, Levigata pagina. Riconsiderando l’epitaffio di Sidonio per il nonno Apollinare (ep. 3, 12)’, Invigilata Lucernis, in press.

—–,  “Affinità uditive” e preziosismi stilistici nel Propempticon ad libellum di Sidonio Apollinare (carm. 24)’, Atti dell’VIII Convegno Internazionale Poesia greca e latina in età tardoantica e medievale (19 – 21 novembre 2019), Università degli Studi del Molise: Campobasso, forthcoming.

Audrey Becker, Dieu, le souverain et la cour. Stratégies et rituels de légitimation du pouvoir impérial et royal dans l’Antiquité tardive et au haut Moyen Âge, due out 2020.

Audrey Becker and Samuel Cohen (eds), Bishops and Barbarians facing disaster in western Europe during Late Antiquity, Studies in Late Antiquity, special issue, forthcoming.

Joshua Hartman and Helen Kaufmann are preparing a co-authored volume reassessing Michael Roberts’ The Jeweled Style, thirty years on from its publication.

Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity, eds David G. Hunter, Paul J.J. van Geest and Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte, Leiden: Brill (forthcoming online 2019-2021, in 2022 six volumes in print)
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Gavin Kelly and Aaron Pelttari, Cambridge History of Later Latin Literature.

Zoja Pavlovskis-Petit, Poetry as Spiritual Refuge: Creative Memory in Late Latin Literature.

Walter Pohl, ‘The identities of Sidonius Apollinaris’, in: N. Kıvılcım Yavuz and Richard Broome, Transforming the Early Medieval World: Studies in Honour of Ian N. Wood, Romanitas 2, Leeds: Kısmet Press, forthcoming summer 2021.

Jill Harries on Sidonius’ use of Claudian, in the same Festschrift Ian Wood.

Emanuela Colombi et al., Traditio Patrum. The Transmission of Latin Fathers in the Middle Ages, vol. 1 Scriptores Antenicaeni, Italiae, Galliae, Turnhout: Brepols, 2013.

SAxxi Project

Tiziana Brolli, Sidonio Apollinare. Il panegirico di Maggioriano. Traduzione e commento (PhD thesis, University of Turin 2005).

Luciana Furbetta, Sidonio Apollinare e l’imperatore Eparchio Avito. Testo, traduzione e commento dei carmi 6, 7 e 8 (University ‘La Sapienza’, Rome 2010).

Judith Hindermann, Epistulae Book 2. Introduction, text, translation, commentary.

Further Commentaries and Translations

Fabrizio Oppedisano, In lode di Antemio: L’ultimo panegirico di Roma imperiale, Saggi di Storia Antica 44, L’Erma di Bretschneider: Rome. Forthcoming 2021.

Stefania Santelia and Silvia Condorelli, Sidonio Apollinare. Carmina minora. Testo, traduzione e note a c. di Stefania Santelia, con una introduzione di Silvia Condorelli. Scheduled 2020.

Roger Green, Sidonius Apollinaris. Complete Poems, TTH 76, due out 1 July 2022.

Giulia Marolla, Letters Book 5: Text, Translation, and Commentary.

Willum Westenholz, A commentary on Correspondence Book 6, including a study of letters of recommendation, as a PhD project at the University of Vienna under supervision of Danuta Shanzer.

Marco Onorato, Epistulae Book 8. Introduction, text, translation, commentary.

Silvia Condorelli, Epistulae Book 9. Introduction, text, translation, commentary.

Joop van Waarden, Sidonius Apollinaris: Selected Letters, Cambridge ‘Green & Yellow’, under contract 2024.

Ágnes T. Horváth, The first Hungarian translation of Sidonius’ correspondence.

At the Institute for Postclassical Studies at Belgorod State University, Russia, Elena Viktorovna Litovchenko and Nikolai Nikolaevich Bolgov are translating both Sidonius’ letters and his poetry. see Scholarship page > Russia

Finished PhD theses not (yet) published

Alison John, ‘Learning and Power: A Cultural History of Education in Late Antique Gaul’, PhD 2018 Edinburgh.

Lucie Desbrosses, ‘Sidoine Apollinaire et la Gaule chrétienne au Ve siècle’, PhD 2018 Besançon.

Camille Bonnan-Garçon, ‘L’épigramme et la lettre d’Ausone à Ennode de Pavie: étude stylistique littéraire et historique d’une contiguïté générique dans l’antiquité tardive’, PhD 2018 Lyon 3, here.