Current PhDs

Madeleine St. Marie

University of California Riverside, Dept of History
Supervisor: Prof. Michele Salzman
Duration: 2018-2020
Subject:  ‘Sidonius Apollinaris the Bishop: Power, Authority, and Episcopal Self-Presentation in Fifth-Century Gaul’

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Willum Westenholz

University of Vienna, Institut für Klassische Philologie
Supervisor: Prof. Danuta Shanzer
Duration: 2017-2020
Subject: ‘Gaining and Wielding Influence: Sidonius’ 6th Book of Letters and the Late Antique Letter of Recommendation’

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Giulia Marolla

University of San Marino, Scuola Superiore di Studi Storici
Supervisor: Prof. Gavin Kelly
Duration: 2017-2020
Title: ‘A Commentary on the Fifth Book of Sidonius Apollinaris’ Letters’

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