New Late Antiquity: Intellectual Portraits

Clifford Ando and Marco Formisano have edited The New Late Antiquity: A Gallery of Intellectual Portraits, including chapters on Alföldi, Auerbach, Brown, Alan Cameron, Averil Cameron, Chadwick, Chastagnol, Courcelle, Cracco Ruggini, Cumont, Duval, Fontaine, Von Harnack, Herzog, Kantorowicz, Kondakov, L’Orange, Lepelley, MacCormack, Marrou, Mazzarino, Mommsen, Momigliano, Paschoud, Pigulevkaya, Riegel, Seeck, Stein, Strzygowski, Syme, Thompson, and Volterra.

Here goes to the catalogue

Mastandrea Reviews the Companion

Paolo Mastandrea writes a review of the Companion in the Classical Review, FirstView 12 August 2021. He values the volume as ‘a well-structured and accessible text that does what older friends [i.e., many other companion volumes] should do: to assist the non-specialist or less-experienced scholar’. He signals the odd ‘fundamental contribution’ and ‘some fascinating surprises’. He thinks Sidonius’ Christian inclinations as an author should not be overstated and points out a number of (indirect) borrowings from Ennius.

Egetenmeyr on The Others

Veronika Egetenmeyr is interviewed on her work on “others” aka “barbarians” in a series produced by the University of Oldenburg. Watch here.

She has also just put out an article on this issue titled “Kontingenz und die Konstruktion des ‘Anderen'” in a collective volume edited by Matthias Becher and Hendrik Hess, Kontingenzerfahrungen und ihre Bewältigung zwischen imperium und regna.