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Oppedisano on the Legatio Arverna (Ep. 1.9)

Fabrizio Oppedisano published ‘Une note sur la legatio Arverna à Rome (467 ap. J.-C.)’ in Marie-Pierre Chambon et al., L’Antiquité tardive dans le centre et le centre-ouest de la Gaule (IIIe-VIIe siècles), Revue Archéologique du Centre de la France, Supplement 82, 2022, 69-75.

At the end of 467, Sidonius Apollinaris came to Rome to bring petitions from the Arverni to the court of Anthemius. This paper aims to reconstruct the legatio and to place it within the framework of the relations between central government and provincial communities in the specific context of the last years of the Western Roman Empire.

15 April: Van Waarden on Performance

Joop van Waarden is to give a lecture at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa on performance aspects of the Panegyric of Anthemius.

Title: ‘A Ceremony Embodied: Experiencing Anthemius’ Panegyric’

Date and time: Thursday 15 April, 16:00-18:00 CEST

Mode: distance. Everybody is welcome. In order to participate, send an email requesting to be included in the Teams group to Fabrizio Oppedisano: fabrizio.oppedisano@sns.it.