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F numbers refer to sections of Luciana Furbetta’s scholarship chapter in the Edinburgh Companion to Sidonius Apollinaris.

Nicolaes Ketelaer and Geraert van Leempt
Printers and publishers in Utrecht, the former from a well-to-do family in Utrecht, the latter a travelling typographer, born in Nijmegen c. 1450, died in Bois-le-Duc c. 1491
F1.1 Utrecht, 1473/74, editio princeps (ISTC 493000, USTC 435244):

Giovanni Battista Pio
Bolognese humanist, editor and commentator of numerous Latin authors, among them Lucretius, Lucan, Plautus, and Valerius Flaccus; born c. 1468/75 in Bologna, died 1540 in Rome
F1.2 Milan, 1498:

F2.1.1 Basel, 1542:

F2.1.2 Basel, 1597:

Élie Vinet
The founder of humanism in Bordeaux, born 1509, died 1587
F2.2 Lyon, 1552 (USTC 154182): not digitized

Johann von der Woweren and Petrus Colvius
Woweren, Hamburgian humanist, born 1574, died 1612; Colvius, humanist, born 1567 in Bruges, died 1594 in Paris
F2.3 Paris and Lyon, 1598 (USTC 199219 and 146656 respectively):

Jean Savaron
Magistrate and humanist of Clermont-Ferrand, born 1566, died 1622
F2.4.1 Paris, 1598 (USTC 146657):

F2.4.2 Paris, 1599 (USTC 441262):

F2.4.2 Paris, 1609:

Gerhard Elmenhorst
Hamburgian humanist, born 1583, died 1621
F3.1 Hanover, 1617:

Jacques Sirmond
Jesuit scholar, born 1559, died 1651
F3.2.1 Paris, 1614:

F3.2.2 Paris, 1652:

André Galland
Oratorian priest, born 1709, died 1779/80
F4.1.1 Bibliotheca veterum patrum, vol. 10, Venice, 1774:

Jacques-Paul Migne
Priest and publisher, born 1800, died 1875
F4.1.2 Patrologia latina, vol. 58, Paris, 1847:

Jean-François Grégoire and François-Zénon Collombet
Grégoire: —;  Collombet: Lyonese scholar, born 1806, died 1853
F4.2 Lyon and Paris, 1836:

Eugène Baret
Hispanist, professor of foreign literature at Clermont-Ferrand, born 1816, died 1887
F4.3.1 Paris, 1878:

F4.3.2 Paris, 1887:

  • not digitized

Christian Lütjohann
Classics teacher in Flensburg, Greifswald, and Kiel, professor in Kiel from February 1884, born 1846, died April 1884
F4.4 Berlin, 1887:

Paul Mohr
Classics teacher and headmaster (from 1895) in Bremerhaven, scholar
F4.4 Leipzig, 1895:

W.B. Anderson, finished by E.H. Warmington and W.H. Semple
Professor of Latin at the University of Cambridge, born 1877, died 1959
Cambridge, MA, and London (Loeb Classical Library, vol. 1 1936, vol. 2 1965:

The editions by André Loyen, Paris, 1960-1970, and by Joan Bellès, Barcelona, 1989-1999, do not provide online access.

Ketelaer and van Leempt, Munich copy
Ketelaer and van Leempt, Munich copy – Click to enlarge

Pio 1498, Munich copy
Pio 1498, Munich copy – Click to enlarge