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F numbers refer to sections of Luciana Furbetta’s scholarship chapter in the Edinburgh Companion to Sidonius Apollinaris.

Nicolaes Ketelaer and Geraert van Leempt
Printers and publishers in Utrecht, the former from a well-to-do family in Utrecht, the latter a travelling typographer, born in Nijmegen c. 1450, died in Bois-le-Duc c. 1491
F1.1 Utrecht, 1473/74, editio princeps (ISTC 493000, USTC 435244):

Giovanni Battista Pio
Bolognese humanist, editor and commentator of numerous Latin authors, among them Lucretius, Lucan, Plautus, and Valerius Flaccus; born c. 1468/75 in Bologna, died 1540 in Rome
F1.2 Milan, 1498:

F2.1.1 Basel, 1542:

F2.1.2 Basel, 1597:

Élie Vinet
The founder of humanism in Bordeaux, born 1509, died 1587
F2.2 Lyon, 1552 (USTC 154182):

  • Lyon Municipal Library, via Numelyo

Vinet’s text of the poems, including the biographical notice by Pietro Crinito featuring in Pio and Vinet, is reprinted in the compilation of Latin poetry by Pierre de la Brosse (Petrus Brossaeus), Corpus omnium veterum poetarum Latinorum, Lyon 1603 (2nd rev. edn Geneva, 1640), vol. 2, 822-860 (vol. 1 here). The collection begins with the poems occurring in the letters, continues with the panegyrics and the carmina minora, and ends with the first 40-odd lines of Ausonius’ Caesares. The line count is continuous from 1 to 3718.

Johann von der Woweren and Petrus Colvius
Woweren, Hamburgian humanist, born 1574, died 1612; Colvius, humanist, born 1567 in Bruges, died 1594 in Paris
F2.3 Paris and Lyon, 1598 (USTC 199219 and 146656 respectively):

Jean Savaron
Magistrate and humanist of Clermont-Ferrand, born 1566, died 1622
F2.4.1 Paris, 1598 (USTC 146657):

F2.4.2 Paris, 1599 (USTC 441262):

F2.4.2 Paris, 1609:

Gerhard Elmenhorst
Hamburgian humanist, born 1583, died 1621
F3.1 Hanover, 1617:

Jacques Sirmond
Jesuit scholar, born 1559, died 1651
F3.2.1 Paris, 1614:

F3.2.2 Paris, 1652:

André Galland
Oratorian priest, born 1709, died 1779/80
F4.1.1 Bibliotheca veterum patrum, vol. 10, Venice, 1774:

Jacques-Paul Migne
Priest and publisher, born 1800, died 1875
F4.1.2 Patrologia latina, vol. 58, Paris, 1847:

Jean-François Grégoire and François-Zénon Collombet
Grégoire: —;  Collombet: Lyonese scholar, born 1806, died 1853
F4.2 Lyon and Paris, 1836:

Eugène Baret
Hispanist, professor of foreign literature at Clermont-Ferrand, born 1816, died 1887
F4.3.1 Paris, 1878:

F4.3.2 Paris, 1887:

  • not digitized

Christian Lütjohann
Classics teacher in Flensburg, Greifswald, and Kiel, professor in Kiel from February 1884, born 1846, died April 1884
F4.4 Berlin, 1887:

Paul Mohr
Classics teacher and headmaster (from 1895) in Bremerhaven, scholar
F4.4 Leipzig, 1895:

W.B. Anderson, finished by E.H. Warmington and W.H. Semple
Professor of Latin at the University of Cambridge, born 1877, died 1959
Cambridge, MA, and London (Loeb Classical Library, vol. 1 1936, vol. 2 1965:

The editions by André Loyen, Paris, 1960-1970, and by Joan Bellès, Barcelona, 1989-1999, do not provide online access.

Ketelaer and van Leempt, Munich copy
Ketelaer and van Leempt, Munich copy – Click to enlarge

Pio 1498, Munich copy
Pio 1498, Munich copy – Click to enlarge