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D numbers refer to Franz Dolveck’s manuscript census in the Edinburgh Companion to Sidonius Apollinaris.

Tips on how to navigate the largest repositories of manuscripts. For the BNF (Gallica), go to <>, type the shelfmark in the form ‘Latin 1234’ or ‘NAL 1234’ (within double quotation marks); you will get the notice of the manuscript, with a direct link to its reproduction in Gallica (‘accéder au manuscrit numérisé’). For the Vatican Library (DigiVatLib), you may fill in the segnatura field with shelfmarks using the forms ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, or directly use an URL in the form <>. For the Laurentian Library, go to <> and fill in the search field with shelfmark using the forms ‘plut.12.34’, ‘plut.90.sup.008’, ‘s.marco 554’ (sic with space). For Troyes, all manuscripts have been digitised; if readers do not find them online, they can request them for free by writing to the library. (Franz Dolveck)

There is another useful series of links to Sidonius manuscripts, providing metadata and listing contents, in the MIRABILE archive of SISMEL.

The website provides structured texts, for Sidonius based on Migne and a small selection of manuscripts.

D78 Municipal Library, 64 (formerly 65): partial on ff. 123v-130 (first half 13th cent.).

D1 Municipal Library, 242: contains Carmina and Epistulae (second half 12th cent.).

D3 National Library, Phillipps 1685: contains Carmina and Epistulae (c. 1200).

D7 Municipal Library, 260: contains Epistulae (end 11th cent.).

D85 bis Fondation Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 46: contains Cassiodorus’ Variae, on ff. 262r-264v followed by Sidonius’ letters 1.8, 6.11, and 1.2, the latter split into two parts, paras 1-3, 4-10 (c. 1513-1521).
See Companion Continued: Three More Manuscripts.

D8 Royal Library, Fabricius 91 4°: contains Epistulae and Carmen 1.1-12 (second half 12th cent).
Notice the announcement on David Porreca’s homepage (University of Waterloo): ‘“The Curious Commentators of MS Copenhagen, Fabricius 91 4°”. This project will involve the critical edition of the copious annotations to this early 13th-century manuscript whose annotated contents include Sidonius Apollinaris’ Letters, Apuleius’ De deo Socratis and the Asclepius attributed to Hermes Trismegistus’.

D9 Royal Library, GKS 30 2°: contains Epistulae (second half 12th cent.).

D37 University Library, MS 2112/7: new fragment of L (Oxford Laud. Lat. 104, see below) containing extracts from Carmina 7 and 9.
Discovered by Bernhard Bischoff (‘Die Hofbibliothek unter Ludwig dem Frommen’, in: J.G. Alexander and M.T. Gibson (eds), Medieval Learning and Literature: Essays Presented to Richard William Hunt, Oxford, 1976, 3-22).

D13 Medicean Library, Laur. plut. 45.23 (T): contains Carmina and Epistulae (12th century).

D14 Medicean Library, Laur. plut. 45.26: contains Carmina and Epistulae (second half 12th cent.)
On f. 1, there is a nice title miniature which features Sidonius writing (see the Gallery page).

D15 Medicean Library, Plut. 90 sup. 8: contains Carmina (fragm.) and Epistulae (shortly after 1489/90).
Manuscript written by Petrus Crinitus, who added many annotations, variants and glosses.

D16 Medicean Library, S. Marco 554 (M): contains Carmina and Epistulae (second half 11th cent.).

D21 Universitätsbibliothek, Rep. I 48: contains Epistulae and the Panegyrics of Anthemius and (partly) Majorian (Carm. 1-5.21) (late 12th or 13th cent.).

D87 British Library, Add. 34652: ff. 11-12 fragment of Epistulae Book 1.

D25 National Library, 9448 (formerly Ee. 102 and F. 150) (C): contains Carmina and Epistulae (second half 11th cent.). On f. 165, one of two variants of Sidonius’ presumed epitaph.

D31 Interuniversity Libary, H 541: contains Epistulae (second half 12th cent.).

D91 Interuniversity Libary, H 145: ff. 102v-104v. contain Ep. 4.2 (by Claudianus Mamertus), 4.3, 4.11, and 5.2 (c. 1170).

D32 Bavarian State Library, Lat. 70: contains Epistulae (c. 1460).

D37 Bodleian Library, Laud. lat. 104 (L): contains Epistulae (first half 11th cent.).
See Erlangen above.

D39 National Library, Lat. 2168: contains Epistulae books 1-6 and 7.1-2 (first half 12th cent.).

D43 National Library, Lat. 2781 (P): contains Carmina and Epistulae (end 10th cent.).

D44 National Library, Lat. 2782: contains Carmina and Epistulae (second half 12th cent.).

D46 National Library, Lat. 2784: contains Epistulae (early 13th cent.).

D47 National Library, Lat. 3477: contains Epistulae (second half 12th cent.).

D49 National Library, Lat. 9551 (F): contains Carmina and Epistulae (13th cent.).

D52 National Library, Lat. 18584 (N): contains Epistulae (10th cent.).

D53 IRHT, CP 347, formerly Schøyen 246: contains Epistulae and Carmina (second half 12th cent.). On ff. 132v-133, an alternative text of Sidonius’ presumed epitaph.

D98 National Library, Lat. 2191: ff. 186-187v contain Ep. 1.8, 6.11, and 1.2 (15th cent.).

D100 National Library, Lat. 7647: partial on ff. 170-175 (c. 1165/75).

D101 National Library, Lat. 8071: ff. 58-60 contain extracts from the Carmina: 5.40-9, 7.20-36, 9.168-210, 10, 11.63-71 (second half 9th cent.).

D102 National Library, Lat. 8544: ff. 123v-125 contain Carm. 1, Ep. 5.7 and the contio from 7.9 (1389).

D104 National Library, Lat. 17903: ff. 138-145 contain extracts from the Epistulae (early 13th cent.).

D56 Municipal Library, 413 (R): contains Epistulae books 1-7, beginning 8 (9th cent.).

Sankt Gallen
D105 Abbey Library, 190: possibly the oldest surviving manuscript (early 9th cent.), containing a list of selected letters.
On this manuscript, which sheds light on the earliest transmission, see Dolveck in his Prolegomena chapter, n. 21, and Mathisen (1998) and (1999b).

Vatican City
D59 Vatican Library, Ott. lat. 126: contains Carm. 1-15, 17-20, 16, 24, 22-23 (late 15th cent.).

D60 Vatican Library, Ott. lat. 2013: contains Epistulae and Panegyrici (late 12th cent.).

D60 bis Vatican Library, Pal. lat. 1587: contains Carm. 1–15, 17–20, 16, 24, 22–23 (1468 CE).
See Companion Continued: Three More Manuscripts.

D61 Vatican Library, Reg. lat. 166: contains Epistulae (late 12th cent.).

D62 Vatican Library, Reg. lat. 202: contains Epistulae (early 12th cent.).

D63 Vatican Library, Reg. lat. 203: contains Carmina and Epistulae (first half 12th cent.).

D64 Vatican Library, Reg. lat. 209: contains Epistulae (late 12th cent.).

D67 Vatican Library, Urb. lat. 649: contains Carmina (between 1470 and 1474).

D68 Vatican Library, Urb. lat. 1515: contains Epistulae and Panegyrici (late 15th cent.).

D69 Vatican Library, Vat. lat. 1661: contains Carmina and Epistulae (late 12th/early 13th cent.).

D70 Vatican Library, Vat. lat. 1783 (V): contains Epistulae books 1-8 (10th/early 11th cent.).

D71 Vatican Library, Vat. lat. 3421 (A): contains Carmina and Epistulae (11th cent.).

D111 Vatican Library, Vat. lat. 1341: contains beginning of Ep. 4.25 (3rd quarter 9th cent.).

D112 Vatican Library, Vat. lat. 3269: contains extracts from the Carmina: 5.40-9, 7.20-36, 9.168-210, 10, 11.63-71 (late 15th cent.).

D75 National Library, 3204: contains Epistulae (late 15th cent.).

D115 National Library, 277: contains various fragments (late 8th cent.).

Copenhagen Fabr. 91 f. 1r
Copenhagen Fabr. 91 f. 1r – Click to enlarge

Oxford Laud. Lat. 104 f. 2r
Oxford Laud. Lat. 104 f. 2r – Click to enlarge