The Companion Continued

Chapter 16: Franz Dolveck,
– ‘The Manuscript Tradition of Sidonius’, pp. 470-507
– ‘A Census of the Manuscripts of Sidonius’, pp. 508-42

Franz Dolveck — 7 June 2021

A Census of the Manuscripts of Sidonius: Three More Manuscripts

The list of manuscripts can be extended as follows:

60 bis*. Vatican City, Bibl. Vat., Pal. lat. 1587
Online:; link to the catalogue entry:
φ Florence, a. 1468, scr. Pietro Cennini. — Parch., 102 leaves, in-8°. — Humanistic min.; rubrics; plain initials, and painted initials at the beg. of each work (the first one a bianchi girari). On f. 1, erased coat of arms of Matthias Corvinus. The copist gives his name as well as the date and place of the copy at the end, f. 101v: ‘Scripsit Petrus Cenninus Florentię MCCCLXVIII, XIII kal. Novembris’.
The manuscript belonged to the library of Matthias Corvinus and was annotated by Janós Vitéz de Zredna († 1472). Whether it was made for Matthias Corvinus or for Janós Vitéz is unclear. Pellegrin et al. (1975-2010) 2.2.244–45.
C.1–15.17––23. This manuscript is probably yet another copy of #12. If formally confirmed, as a consequence this would redate #12 to before 1468.
Manuscript indicated to Joop van Waarden by Ágnes Horváth.

83 bis*. Florence, BML, plut. 45. 11
φ Italy?, s. XIVin. — Parch., 107 leaves.
Cassiodorus. In addition, ff. 106v–107, V.7 and Ennod. Ep. 8.10.

85 bis*. Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, 46
Link to the manuscript and its description:
φ Florence, between 1513 and 1521. — Parch., 265 leaves, in-4°. — Humanistic min.; rubrics; initials. The rich decoration was carried out by Attavante; this manuscript is one of his last works. The decoration was made for Pope Leo X, and so very likely the copy too; it bears his stemma on f. 1 as well as various emblemas.
Cassiod. Var. followed by I.8, VI.11. I.2 (in two parts, see #114) and by an extract of Cassiod. Anim. This manuscript is related to #90, 98, 113, 114.