The Companion Continued

Chapter 3: Gavin Kelly, ‘Dating the Works of Sidonius’, pp. 166-94

Gavin Kelly — 27 March 2021

An Edition of the Paratexts of Sidonius’ Poems

In chapter 3 of the Edinburgh Companion to Sidonius Apollinaris, ‘Dating the Works of Sidonius’, I included tables with what I thought was the best reconstruction of the transmitted titles (pp. 168, 174). I did not really show my workings, so I take this opportunity to provide the evidence for both incipits and explicits, highlighted in manuscripts by red ink and/or capital letters. Such paratextual features inevitably undergo many major and minor changes – hence the long apparatus below – and yet it is possible to reconstruct the readings of the archetype with some degree of certainty. It is desirable to do so too, since published editions have suppressed or ignored a number of interesting details: after the text of the edition I briefly list some of these. …

Gavin Kelly — 4 June 2022

The definitive full version of this edition is now available in Antonella Bruzzone, Alessandro Fo and Luigi Piacente (eds), Metamorfosi del Classico in età romanobarbarica, Nuova biblioteca di cultura romanobarbarica 2, Florence: Sismel–Galluzzo, 2021, 77-97.