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The Deserts of the West

Laurent Ripart has written a comprehensive study of the earliest monasteries of South-Eastern Gaul including the islands along the coasts of Tuscany, Liguria (Gallinaria) and Provence (Lérins), in Arles, the Rhône valley, and the Jura (Agaune): Les déserts de l’Occident. Genèse des lieux monastiques dans le sud-est de la Gaule (fin IVe – milieu VIe siècle).

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Tabea Meurer on Negotiating the Past

Tabea Meurer has published her Münster PhD thesis Vergangenes verhandeln: Spätantike Statusdiskurse senatorischer Eliten in Gallien und Italien / Negotiating the Past: Late Ancient Discourse on Status among the Senatorial Elites of Gaul and Italy.
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“This study in cultural history addresses the value of past relations in Gallo-Roman and Italian discourses on social status in late antiquity. The volume examines how senatorial figures referred back to ancestors and ancient times to better position themselves in relation to their peers. At a broader level, it describes the negotiative processes surrounding the establishment of rank.”