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Corsi and Morvillez on Hospitality

Two articles on hospitality have been published:

Cristina Corsi, ‘”Strangers on the way”: hospitalité, identité et défis lors des voyages à la fin de l’Antiquité’, in: Fauchon-Claudon and Le Guennec 2002, 303-20.

Éric Morvillez, ‘Louer l’hospitalité des évêques dans l’Antiquité tardive en Gaule: entre traditions et nouvelles exigences chrétiennes’, in: Fauchon-Claudon and Le Guennec 2022, 87-103.

These items are included in the conference proceedings Hospitalité et régulation de l’altérité dans l’Antiquité méditerranéenne, edited by Claire Fauchon-Claudon and Marie-Adeline Le Guennec, Scripta Antiqua 156, Bordeaux: Ausonius, 2022.

Reis on Identities and Frontiers

Gabriel Reis’ master thesis at the University of Santa Maria (Brasil) has been published. The book is titled Identitades e Fronteiras na Antiguidade Tardia and investigates power negotiations among Romans based in Gaul and Italy and Germanic people.

It is accessible via Academia.

Its genesis is within the research group of Prof. Semíramis Corsi Silva, Grupo de Estudos sobre o Mundo Antigo Mediterrânico GEMAM.

Egetenmeyr on Emotions

Just out by Veronika Egetenmeyr: ‘Constructing Emotions and Creating Identities: Emotional Persuasion in the Letters of Sidonius Apollinaris and Ruricius of Limoges’, in: Mateusz Fafinski and Jakob Riemenschneider (eds), The Past Through Narratology: New Approaches to Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, Das Mittelalter Supplements 18, Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2022, 75-92.

Download here (open access)