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Translation and Bilingualism

Alison John and Alan Ross will be organising a conference in Oxford on 8-9 July titled “Translation and the Limits of Greek-Latin Bilingualism in Late Antiquity”. Among other speakers, Filomena Giannotti will speak on “Challenging Decadence Through Translation. A Literary Example from Sidonius Apollinaris (Ep. 8.3) and his work on Philostratus’ Vita Apollonii”.

Programme and particulars here

Bleckmann on Apollonius’ Vita

Bruno Bleckmann reconsiders Van Hoof and Van Nuffelen’s rejection of the translation of the Vita Apollonii (Ep. 8.3.1) for being a spurium, referring, among others, to Mülke 2008, 236-43, and Köhler 2014.

Bruno Bleckmann, ‘Eine Fragmentsammlung spätlateinischer Historiker’, review article of Van Hoof and Van Nuffelen 2020, Histos 16 (2022) I-XXIX, esp. II-IV.

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