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Stoehr-Monjou ‘How to Conclude?’

Annick Stoehr-Monjou, ‘How to conclude? A poetics of contrast and paradox in Book 9 and especially in Epist. 9,13-16 by Sidonius Apollinaris’, is a paper given at the International conference and workshop ‘The Stumbling Texts (and Stumbling Readers) of Late Latin Poetry (Lector, quas patieris hic salebras!)’, organised by Markus Kersten, Ann-Kathrin Stähle and Christian Guerra, September 2021, Basel.

Stoehr-Monjou argues that the last four letters of book 9 can be read together as the peroration of his epistolary work, a paradoxical peroration since he writes about poetry.

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Wolff on the Rogations

Étienne Wolff has written a contribution to the Festschrift for Prof. Guittard on the Rogations ceremony (Sidon. Ep. 5.14, 7.1): ‘Quelques remarques sur la lettre, V, 14 de Sidoine Apollinaire et les rogations’, in: Mathilde Simon and Étienne Wolff (eds), Operae pretium facimus. Mélanges en l’honneur de Charles Guittard, Collection Kubaba. Série antiquité, Paris: L’Harmattan, 2021, 759-65.

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Egetenmeyr on The Others

Veronika Egetenmeyr is interviewed on her work on “others” aka “barbarians” in a series produced by the University of Oldenburg. Watch here.

She has also just put out an article on this issue titled “Kontingenz und die Konstruktion des ‘Anderen'” in a collective volume edited by Matthias Becher and Hendrik Hess, Kontingenzerfahrungen und ihre Bewältigung zwischen imperium und regna.