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Western Empire in 5th Century

Timo Stickler and Umberto Roberto edited a new volume on the history of the Western Roman Empire from 395-476: Das Weströmische Reich und seine Erforschung. Neue Perspektiven, Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2023.

Contents here. Contributors include Rene Pfeilschifter (the continuity of the local), Hendrik Wagner (Alaric’s Itinerarium), Frank Schleicher (patria and imperium sine fine), Henning Börm (shadow emperors), Mischa Meier (the later Attila), Timo Stickler (Attila magister militum), Laura Mecella (eastern officials), Jeroen Wijnendaele (delegation), Udo Hartmann (Damaskios), Hansjoachim Andres (Olympiodorus of Thebes), Tabea Meurer (otium), Roland Steinacher (North Africa), Philippe Blaudeau (christological controversy of 448-55), Carla Sfameni (paganism after Theodosius), Ignazio Tantillo (worshipping columns), Lucrezia Spera (the emperors and Rome).

Meurer and Egetenmeyr: Gallia docta?

Tabea Meurer and Veronika Egetenmeyr have published a selection of the papers given at the Gallia docta? conference of March 2021 (Greifswald, online): Gallia docta? Education and In-/Exclusion in Late Antique Gaul.

Contributions specifically concerning Sidonius include articles by Hendrik Hess, Judith Hindermann, Alison John, Gernot Michael Müller and Willum Westenholz. Joop van Waarden rounds off his ‘you’ and ‘I’ cycle.

Further details and an open access PDF here

Fascione Reading Latin Letter Collections

Sara Fascione has published a volume of conference papers: Concatenantur sibi epistulae nostrae. Reading Ancient Latin Letter Collections (23-24 September 2021), Echo 38, Foggia: Il Castello Edizioni, 2022.

View the Introduction and ToC

Sidonius’ correspondence is among the collections analysed by Joop van Waarden in ‘The proportions of Latin letter collections: A probe’, pp. 61-74. Download the accompanying digital set of calculations and graphs.

New Late Antiquity: Intellectual Portraits

Clifford Ando and Marco Formisano have edited The New Late Antiquity: A Gallery of Intellectual Portraits, including chapters on Alföldi, Auerbach, Brown, Alan Cameron, Averil Cameron, Chadwick, Chastagnol, Courcelle, Cracco Ruggini, Cumont, Duval, Fontaine, Von Harnack, Herzog, Kantorowicz, Kondakov, L’Orange, Lepelley, MacCormack, Marrou, Mazzarino, Mommsen, Momigliano, Paschoud, Pigulevkaya, Riegel, Seeck, Stein, Strzygowski, Syme, Thompson, and Volterra.

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Hindermann and Onorato on Epigrams

Judith Hindermann and Marco Onorato have contributed to the new volume Luciana Furbetta and Céline Urlacher-Becht (eds), Les “lieux” de l’épigramme tardive: vers un élargissement du genre, RET Supplement 8, 2020, with essays on Sidonius’ epigrams.

Hindermann, ‘La lettre comme lieu de publication des épigrammes: les épigrammes dans les épîtres de Sidoine Apollinaire et leur modèle Pline le Jeune’, 75-96

Onorato, ‘Presenza dell’epigramma greco e ibridismo programmatico nel carme 15 di Sidonio Apollinare’, 157-88.

See the Bibliography for 2020 and the ToC of the entire volume on the THAT/RET webpage.