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Stover & Woudhuysen and Sidonius in the HA

In a new article on ‘The Poet Nemesianus and the Historia Augusta‘, centred on onomastics in the Life of Carus (JRS 2022, open access), Justin Stover and George Woudhuysen, in passing (fn. 4), advocate some renewed confidence in the hypothesis that Sidonius Apollinaris is reflected in the HA:

‘The argument of Domaszewski (Die Personennamen bei den Scriptores historiae Augustae, Heidelberg, 1918: 19, here), that Aurelius Apollinaris was inspired by Sidonius Apollinaris, who did write about the deeds of Carus (Carm. 23.88–96), has been treated with greater contempt than it perhaps deserves’.

Woudhuysen Reviews ODLA

Under the title ‘Codex Nicholsonianus’, George Woudhuysen writes a broad review article of Oliver Nicholson’s 2018 The Oxford Dictionary of Late Antiquity, ‘first port of call for anyone with a basic question’ on Late Antiquity, in the Journal of Roman Studies 111 (2021) 225-38, online here.