Month: March 2021

Ehrhardt on Places of Worship

Christelle Ehrhardt got her doctorate in archaeology and prehistory at Université Michel de Montaigne-Bordeaux III with ‘Bâtir une église, fonder une mémoire, asseoir une autorité: lieux de culte et représentations du passé dans les campagnes des anciens diocèses de Bordeaux, Bazas et Agen au premier Moyen Âge (IVe-XIe siècle)’. Sidonius figures on pp. 102-22 with the private chapel of the Burgus of Pontius Leontius in particular.

Read it here

Van Waarden Commentary Selected Letters

Joop van Waarden got a contract with Cambridge University Press for writing a Sidonius Apollinaris: Selected Letters commentary in the Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics series (‘Green and Yellow’), to be ready by September 2024.

The provisional table of contents is:
1.1 Correspondence: structure and style
1.5 Rome: journey, literary landscape
1.7 Rome: Arvandus, treason or adjustment
1.9 Rome: court, panegyric
1.10 Rome: city prefect
2.2 Villa: invitation, Avitacum, architecture, Pliny
2.8 Women: death of Philomathia, epitaph
2.10 Church: building, ekphrasis, poem
3.9 Correspondence: recommendation, Riothamus
3.12 Family: grandfather, epitaph
4.19 Correspondence: shortest letter
4.20 Barbarians: marriage Sigismer
5.5 Barbarians and Roman culture: Syagrius mastering Burgundian
5.16 Family: career prospectives (to his wife)
7.1 War and church: to Mamertus
7.7 War and politics: demise of Clermont
7.17 Asceticism: political powerplay, abbot Abraham, Lérins
7.18 Correspondence: structure
8.1 Correspondence: structure
8.3 Apollonius of Tyana, court, exile
8.15 Correspondence: refusal to write history, promise of hagiography
9.16 Correspondence: structure, poetry

Don’t Miss “Visigoths, Kings of Toulouse”

Still online and not to be missed, the exposition in Musée Saint-Raymond, Toulouse, on the occasion of the settlement of the Visigoths in Toulouse, 1600 years ago.

In a 360◦ virtual visit, a unique collection of the most important Visigothic finds is on display. Here goes to the exhibition.

An important catalogue of the exposition is on sale in the (virtual) museum shop (€ 35).

Mratschek: “Sidonius’ kunstsinnige Muse”

This week, Sigrid Mratschek opens the Gallia docta conference (Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald, digital) with a public keynote speech entitled ‘Sidonius’ kunstsinnige Muse’.

Date and time: Wednesday 17 March 2021, 18:00 h CET. Admission through the dedicated webpage.

The conference is organised by Tabea Meurer and Veronika Egetenmeyr. Webpage here.

Papers (registration necessary):
Tabea Meurer & Veronika Egetenmeyr, Theoretical approaches to inclusion and exclusion. Response: Peter Gemeinhardt.
Christian Stadermann, Barbarians within the gates. Integration and separation in late Roman Gaul.
Nikolas Hächler, The value of classical education (paideia) reflected in the material culture of the later Roman Empire.
Joop van Waarden, The consummate gentleman weighs his ‘You’ and ‘I’.
Gernot M. Müller, Gemeinschaftsbildung und Selbstvergewisserung. Zu Stil und Komposition der carmina minora des Sidonius Apollinaris.
Ulrike Egelhaaf-Gaiser, ‘Bei solchem Zank öffnet sich der Satire ein weites Feld’. Schlagfertigkeit und briefliches Selbstbewusstsein in Sidonius Brief 1,11.
Raphael Schwitter, The schools of Gaul revisited – old questions and new perspectives.
Willum Westenholz, When you have nothing nice to say … Hostile letters of recommendation in late antique Gaul.
Hendrik Hess, The role of women in Gallic letter collections in the second half of the 5th century.
Maik Patzelt, Widows, nuns and religious knowledge in Gallic cloisters.
Judith Hindermann, Lists as a means of education in Sidonius Apollinaris’ letters and poems.
Alison John, Bilingualism in literary circles of Gaul.
Danuta Shanzer, Count Arbogast addressed by Sidonius and Auspicius of Toul – an episcopal eye for a barbarian guy?

Magnani to Discuss Po Valley

Stefano Magnani is to give a paper on ‘Non solo rane e zanzare. Paesaggi padani nella descrizione del viaggio in Italia di Sidonio Apollinare’ at the online conference ‘Italia settentrionale e regioni dell´arco alpino tra V e VI secolo’, 15-17 april 2021.

Date/time: 15 april, 18.00 h.
Meeting-ID: 93446094423 – Code: 464511 – MU28ydHJGdz09

Conference programme: