Van Waarden Commentary Selected Letters

Joop van Waarden got a contract with Cambridge University Press for writing a Sidonius Apollinaris: Selected Letters commentary in the Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics series (‘Green and Yellow’), to be ready by September 2024.

The provisional table of contents is:
1.1 Correspondence: structure and style
1.5 Rome: journey, literary landscape
1.7 Rome: Arvandus, treason or adjustment
1.9 Rome: court, panegyric
1.10 Rome: city prefect
2.2 Villa: invitation, Avitacum, architecture, Pliny
2.8 Women: death of Philomathia, epitaph
2.10 Church: building, ekphrasis, poem
3.9 Correspondence: recommendation, Riothamus
3.12 Family: grandfather, epitaph
4.19 Correspondence: shortest letter
4.20 Barbarians: marriage Sigismer
5.5 Barbarians and Roman culture: Syagrius mastering Burgundian
5.16 Family: career prospectives (to his wife)
7.1 War and church: to Mamertus
7.7 War and politics: demise of Clermont
7.17 Asceticism: political powerplay, abbot Abraham, Lérins
7.18 Correspondence: structure
8.1 Correspondence: structure
8.3 Apollonius of Tyana, court, exile
8.15 Correspondence: refusal to write history, promise of hagiography
9.16 Correspondence: structure, poetry