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Classics Seminars Edinburgh

The Classics Department of Edinburgh University has announced its research seminars for the first half of 2023. For Sidonius and late antique Gaul they include:

Wednesday 8 Feb, 5.10, Teviot Lecture Theatre
Giulia Marolla (Bari) Four Burgundian kings in fifth-century Gaul? The case of Sidonius Ep. 5.7.

Thursday 18 May, 2.10, Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre
Adrastos Omissi (Glasgow) Late Roman Italy, late Roman Gaul: their strategic and geographic relationship

These are hybrid lectures. Please contact Dr Ben Harriman (Benjamin.Harriman [at] ed.ac.uk) for the link; please also contact him if you wish to be added to the seminar mailing list.

Seminar organisers: Ben Harriman, Gavin Kelly

Lyon in Texts

Just out the second, updated edition of Jean-Claude Decourt and Gérard Lucas, Lyon dans les textes grecs et latins. La géographie et l’histoire de Lugdunum, de la fondation de la colonie à l’occupation burgonde (43 avant - 460 après J.-C.), Histoire & Épigraphie 2, Lyon: MOM Éditions, 2021.

Read on OpenEdition.

Texts from Sidonius (Ep. 1.5.2, 1.8.1-2, 2.10.2-4, 5.17.3-6, 9.3.5; Carm. 5.571-86, 13.19-25) on pp. 398-424.

Magnani to Discuss Po Valley

Stefano Magnani is to give a paper on ‘Non solo rane e zanzare. Paesaggi padani nella descrizione del viaggio in Italia di Sidonio Apollinare’ at the online conference ‘Italia settentrionale e regioni dell´arco alpino tra V e VI secolo’, 15-17 april 2021.

Date/time: 15 april, 18.00 h.
Meeting-ID: 93446094423 – Code: 464511 – https://zoom.us/j/93446094423?pwd=UDF1alB0Qk1jaHhVT29 MU28ydHJGdz09

Conference programme: https://www.fasticongressuum.com/single-post/italia-settentrionale-e-regioni-dell-arco-alpino-tra-v-e-vi-sicolo-15-16-17-04-2021-online