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Onorato on ‘The Poet and the Light’

In a new article, ‘The Poet and the Light’, Marco Onorato develops two different applications of Prudentius’ ekphrasis of light and colour in the Temple of Wisdom in Psychomachia 823-887 in Sidonius’ poems, a profane and a religious one, Carm. 11 (the temple of Venus, vv. 17-33) and Carm. 27 in Ep. 2.10.4 (the church of Lyon, vv. 8-15) respectively.

See bibliography 2020

Onorato detects Prudentius and Paulinus

In a new article, Marco Onorato has identified Prudentius and Paulinus of Nola in Carm. 1. See Bibliography, tab 2019.

Abstract. In the preface to Sidonius’ panegyric of Anthemius the expression variae … hostia linguae (c. 1.29) discloses a contamination of lexical and thematic features of Prud. perist. 10 and Paul. Nol. c. 18. Starting from these allusive marks it is possible to reconstruct further elements of the poem’s Christian subtext, which brings out the ambiguity of Sidonius’ attitude towards the emperor.