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Glitter in Poetry

Judith Hindermann and Raphael Schwitter will speak on late Latin poetry and Sidonius in particular at the upcoming conference “Light and Splendour: precious metal as a medium of ritual and social interaction in Late Antiquity”, in Basel (hybrid) on 20-22 January.

From the programme:
20 January
16:00–17:00 Light and splendour in literature

PD Dr. Raphael Schwitter, Bonn
Words of gold and silver: iconic and symbolic mimesis of precious metal in Late Antique poetry

Dr. Judith Hindermann, Basel
A new splendour: the recusatio of precious materials in Sidonius Apollinaris’ letters
and poems

17:00–17:30 Discussion

For in-person attendance email to annemarie.kaufmannATunibas.ch
Zoom: https://unibas.zoom.us/s/68889057751

Onorato on ‘The Poet and the Light’

In a new article, ‘The Poet and the Light’, Marco Onorato develops two different applications of Prudentius’ ekphrasis of light and colour in the Temple of Wisdom in Psychomachia 823-887 in Sidonius’ poems, a profane and a religious one, Carm. 11 (the temple of Venus, vv. 17-33) and Carm. 27 in Ep. 2.10.4 (the church of Lyon, vv. 8-15) respectively.

See bibliography 2020