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Müller Reviews Hanaghan

‘Insgesamt verdient es Hanaghans Studie, zu einem Standardwerk der Sidonius-Forschung zu werden’ is the conclusion of Gernot Michael Müller’s review of Michael Hanaghan’s 2019 monograph Reading Sidonius’ Epistles.

Published in Sehepunkte 21.5 (15 May 2021). Read here

Earlier reviews include van Waarden in Plekos 21 (2019) 308-309 and Neger in Gymnasium 126 (2019) 610-12.

Reading Sidonius’ Epistles

Michael Hanaghan has written a monograph on Sidonius’ Epistles, about to be published by Cambridge University Press in January 2019. From the blurb in the catalogue:

‘This book provides a fuller understanding of [Sidonius’] contribution to Latin literature, as a careful arranger of his self-image, a perceptive exploiter of narrative dynamics, and an influential figure in Late Antique Gaul.’

Michael is currently employed by the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, at the Institute for Religion & Critical Enquiry. Email: Michael.Hanaghan@acu.edu.au.