Month: May 2019

Habilitation Margot Neger

Margot Neger has made her Habilitationskolloquium at the University of Salzburg on 3 May 2019. Its title was: ‘Spätantike Nachrufe auf Literaten: Die Gedichte des Sidonius Apollinaris auf Claudianus Mamertus und den Rhetor Lampridius (Epist. 4,11,6 und 8,11,3)’. Her Habilitationsschrift is ‘Epistolare Narrationen. Studien zur Erzähltechnik des jüngeren Plinius’.

In Defence of Arvandus

Buongiorno, Pierangelo, ‘Ex vetere senatusconsulto Tiberiano. Nota in margine a Sid. ep. 1.7.12′, in Emmanuelle Chevreau et al. (eds), Liber amicorum. Mélanges en l’honneur de Jean-Pierre Coriat, Paris, 2019, 65-72.
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By ascribing to Tiberius a law that was only promulgated much later by Theodosius, conceding a longer lease of life to people on death row, Sidonius plausibly wanted to lend greater authority to this law in favour of Arvandus.