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Kovács on Avitus in Pannonia

Péter Kovács examines, and refutes, Avitus’ presumed expedition to Pannonia in Acta Archaeologica 71 (2020) 661-68: ‘Emperor Avitus in Pannonia?’

Abstract. In his paper the author examines the sources of the supposed Western Roman military expedition of Emperor Avitus in Pannonia in 455 that was thought to be the last Roman military action in the territory of the former Roman province. Analizing the sources, he comes to the conclusion that during his short reign, Avitus had no time to visit the province and his route (iter) mentioned by Sidonius Apollinaris must be identified with his journey from Arelate to Rome. The Roman military action in Pannonia can probably be identified with a short demonstrative campaign in the SW region of the dioecesis (i.e. Savia) or with a legation of the Pannonian Barbarians to the emperor in Northern Italy.