Category: PhD thesis

Eleonora Recupero Porcino and the Letters: A Digital Edition

Eleonora Recupero Porcino has received an innovation grant to create a digital so-called “linked open data” edition of Sidonius’ Letters as her PhD thesis, supervised by Holger Essler, Luca Mondin and Marco Onorato, at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in partnership with the Universities of Udine and Trieste.

Eleonora graduated in 2021 in Messina, supervised by Marco Onorato, in Tradizione classica e archeologia del Mediterraneo with a thesis titled “Tra scuola e poesia. La chreia come possibile matrice del Ludus septem sapientum di Ausonio”.

The title of her PhD project is “Linked open data ed ecdotica dei testi tardolatini: per un’edizione digitale dell’epistolario di Sidonio Apollinare”. The project aims to create a digital edition of the Letters provided with a wide variety of links to the apparatus criticus (with new collations) and to a full database of resources ranging from testimonia and manuscripts to linguistic problems at the level of individual letters. The reference text is to be Lütjohann’s 1887 MGH edition.

The ulterior aim is to facilitate a future new critical edition by making all relevant materials available at a glance in one place.

Eleonora can be contacted at eleonora.recupero AT

Rush: Landscapes Along the 5th-C. Rhône

Richard Rush is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Riverside (United States of America). In his dissertation, “Landscapes along the Fifth-Century Rhône,” he argues that the literary use of a landscape cannot be separated from the author’s experience of that landscape. Richard uses Latin authors who lived along the Rhône during the long fifth century to explore how reading their texts in conjunction with an analysis of the landscapes evoked therein can deepen our understanding of the authors’ lived experiences. This dissertation requires close engagement with both the literary works of fifth-century Gallic authors and what remains of the fifth-century landscape.
While in Lyon, Richard will analyze the local geography’s relationship to the works of Sidonius Apollinaris, Avitus of Vienne, and the “Life of Apollinaris of Valence,” as well as the fifth-century archeology of Lyon and its environs.

He currently is a HiSoMA bursary in Lyon, as part of the project Lugdunum dans l’empire de Rome. See also paper IMC Leeds.