International Medieval Congress Leeds

University of Leeds Leeds, United Kingdom

Featuring among others: Lisa Bailey on Women in Service Audrey Becker on Women in the Lex Burgundionum Veronika Egetenmeyr on Education at the Visigothic and Burgundian Courts Jeroen Wijnendaele on the Emergence of Queens as well as: Pierre-Eric Poble, 'A New Way of Thinking about Territory Borders in Gaul?: From the Time of Sidonius Apollinaris …

Celtic Conference in Classics

Ecole Normale Supérieure/ Lyon 2 and 3 Lyon, France

Joop van Waarden will be speaking on "Sidonius' Journey to Rome at Ockham's Razor's Edge" as part of the panel "Poeticis magis decora? Latin Prose and the Limits of Intertextuality", organised by Scott DiGiulio and Dominic Machado.

Letters and Politics in Late Antiquity

Ghent University St. Pietersnieuwstraat 13, Ghent, Belgium

Discussing the role of letters in late antique Roman politics (4th to 6th century AD): how did various late antique actors and interest groups use letters to try and influence decision making processes on all levels? Letters played a prominent role in the functioning of social and political life in the late Roman Empire. News …

Leeds IMC 2023

University of Leeds Leeds, United Kingdom

Featuring, among other papers, Michael Hanaghan, 'Noblewomen and their Reading in 5th-Century Europe' (Apronian, Ragnahilda, Papianilla). Late call for papers: this section requires an additional paper as of March 2023.

Shifting Frontiers XV: Romans in New Worlds

University of California Santa Barbara, United States

'Romans in New Worlds: Considering “Global Late Antiquity”' is the theme of the 15th Shifting Frontiers conference

Classical Association Annual Conference

University of Warwick Warwick, United Kingdom

Proposals welcome until 31 August 2023 at Conference themes We have identified the following themes as likely to inspire interdisciplinary and comparativist approaches but will consider other suggestions too. We welcome proposals on all topics across ancient literature and philosophy, ancient history, classical art, archaeology, epigraphy and numismatics, linguistics, and reception of the classical …