Month: December 2021

How About Quintilian and Ennodius?

Just out: Marc van der Poel et al. (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Quintilian. The chapter on Quintilian in Late Antiquity by Catherine Schneider mentions Sidonius in par. 16.2 (Carm. 2.191, 9.315-17, Ep. 5.10).

Another recent publication marginally related to Sidonius is Francesco Montone, ‘Lo scrittore Ennodio (474-521) in viaggio sulle Alpi: l’Itinerarium Brigantionis Castelli‘, Salternum 46-47, 2021, 35-59 (passages from the carmina and Ep. 1.5 in particular).

Festschrift Mastandrea

A miscellaneous volume Paulo maiora canamus is out in honour of Paolo Mastandrea including contributions by colleagues and friends dealing with some of the main topics of his scientific interests: intertextuality, late Latin studies, philological problems, the legacy of Classics in Renaissance and digital humanities.

Download here

Woudhuysen Reviews ODLA

Under the title ‘Codex Nicholsonianus’, George Woudhuysen writes a broad review article of Oliver Nicholson’s 2018 The Oxford Dictionary of Late Antiquity, ‘first port of call for anyone with a basic question’ on Late Antiquity, in the Journal of Roman Studies 111 (2021) 225-38, online here.