Month: June 2020

The Latest on the Life of Apollonius

In their new Fragmentary Latin Histories of Late Antiquity (AD 300-620): Edition, Translation and Commentary, Cambridge: CUP, 2020, in a chapter on Nicomachus Flavianus (pp. 36-58), on pp. 50-53, Lieve Van Hoof and Peter Van Nuffelen argue that the supposed Latin Life of Apollonius is a spurium, concluding that it must have been a Greek manuscript that Sidonius copied.

Paul Mohr’s Life Finally Complete

Principally known to scholars of late antiquity as the editor of the 1895 Teubner edition of Sidonius’ works, Paul Mohr sank into oblivion after this publication and his appointment as Headmaster of the Gymnasium in Bremerhaven in the same year. With the help of the Archives of Bremerhaven and Bad Sooden-Allendorf, where he moved after his retirement in 1918, the rest of his life can now be reconstructed, including his death date 26 November 1939 at the age of 88. Special thanks go to the Keeper of the Archives of Sooden-Allendorf, Dr. Antje Laumann-Kleineberg.

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